My teaching is underpinned by the philosophy that anyone can learn to sing and improve when they work in a manner that is compassionate, playful, curious and supportive. As a teacher, it is my job to keep up-to-date with the latest voice science and teaching techniques and then help you to improve your singing without bamboozling you with science!


I have taught children as young as 6 and love working with young people! It is an age where children can start to learn early musicianship skills, develop their ear, become fascinated with a wide-range of musical styles and develop a confident singing persona.

I have undertaken further CPD training in order to teach young students and am keenly aware of their particular needs as they grow and develop physically, including negotiating voice change. I also prepare students for exams with major boards such as ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool or let them work at a pace that suits them.

I am also fully DBS checked, safeguarding aware and a member of the ISM.

Young adults/professional

One of my key areas of expertise is in the field of vocal health awareness. I am a qualified Vocal Health First Aider and am so passionate about this subject I also work for Vocal Health Education . If you are having vocal difficulties, I can listen to you and help decide a course of action including referring on to further medical/professional help where required. I can also assist with planning and monitoring your voice use as a professional voice user of any kind, be it actor, VoiceOver artist or public speaker. I take a holistic view to vocal technique and look at all aspects of the system from breath management to alignment to any other issues that may be affecting your confidence in your voice.

If you are preparing repertoire to audition for a choir or music college, I can help with the level of detail that is required for such a scenario. I have a wide knowledge of the classical repertoire and can help hone the finishing touches to your piece.

Adult amateurs

I also believe fully in the joy of singing for pleasure! I have many clients who have returned to singing lessons later in life, having loved singing at school but not sung for a long time. I am aware of voice changes that can occur at all stages of life and can support you thought this. It is so important to just keep singing.

Please get in touch for rates and availability. Zoom lessons available.