I work with singers and professional voice users who want to rediscover vocal ease.

My teaching is underpinned by the philosophy that anyone can improve their singing when they work in a manner that is compassionate, curious and constructive. It is my job to keep up-to-date with the latest voice science (major voice geek here!)  and then empower YOU with the tools to to improve and maintain your voice, whatever age and stage of development you are.  I’m a trained Vocal Habilitation Professional specialising in technique, vocal health and performance skills.  This includes helping singers who have recovered from vocal injury or issue who want to get back into the singing studio.   If you find yourself experiencing vocal fatigue or just want to explore what is possible for your voice, let’s work together and take the guesswork out of how your voice behaves using evidence-based vocal training.   I currently work with opera singers, choral singers, musical theatre and pop, aged 7 – 70!

You can find out more via my dedicated teaching website HERE .https://www.gillianrammallvoice.co.uk